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      Padhar Hospital is a charitable Christian Mission Hospital registered under the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated  in Betul district located in  the southern border of Madhya Pradesh on the National Highway (No- 69) joining Nagpur (south, 200 kms) and Bhopal (north, 160 kms). This district is located on the central highlands of India, in a very rural setting among Tribals named Gonds.

VISION STATEMENT: The primary objective of this institution is to provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing in the Spirit of Christ to all in general but especially to the poor and needy regardless of caste or creed.

MISSION STATEMENT : To this end we provide diagnostic, curative, preventive, palliative, research, developmental and rehabilitative services, both in the hospital as well as in the community. We seek to train and develop local Christian leadership in various medical and paramedical disciplines with the purpose of  serving in the mission field. We seek to be witnesses and ambassadors of Christ in our service to mankind to bring His (spiritual)  Kingdom on earth. To this end we network with all like-minded individuals and organizations.


     From a humble beginning way back in 1890 to the year 2000, Padhar Hospital has been a constant source of blessing for many. It has not only provided specialized medical care to patients within a radius of 150-200 kms but has pioneered community health & development program such as water and sanitation program, eradication of  blindness, tetanus and other water born diseases, thereby changing the health profile of this area. It has provided leadership by training local people in various medical, paramedical and nursing courses. Workshops on issues like management, AIDS etc., have been held here with the help of various agencies. Now we are  moving in the direction of Palliative care for terminally ill. Recently we inaugurated a Dialysis unit, which  is  a new chapter for us. (this facility is not available for more than 200 kms from Padhar). Renal Transplant will be our next step. Computerization of departments and Internet has provided easy access to the outside world.

Hundreds of Polio children from the district of Betul and Sehore have been operated and rehabilitated. Visiting consultants from United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Australia provide their expertise every year. Students from various colleges and other countries are encouraged to do their electives. But with all these developments and achievements there is just one goal and that is to serve in the Spirit of Christ.

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