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Medicine Department
       The department of medicine is very busy with lot of activities in different medical specialities. The average OPD attendance (medical patients)  is 80 per day. Most of which are TB, Diabetes, HT, Hepatitis, IHD, Diarrhoeal diseases, Malaria, URI in children.

        We see a lot of patients of epidemic fever, diarrhoea, malaria in summer season. Average 8-10 admissions per day are done  from medical OPD and casualty. The most common acute medical emergency cases are - cerebral Malaria, Acute Hepatitis, Poisonings (ac: suicidal poisonings), Diarrhoea, Dehydration leading to renal failure, Acute MI, Hypertensive encephalopathy, Hepatic coma.We do on an average 2-3 TMTs per week, and so far we have done 300 computerized TMTs over the last 2.5 years of which 10% are positive for stress induced Ischeamic heart disease. Other than this we have acute renal failure secondary to dehydration and cerebral malaria who have undergone emergency heamodialysis therapy here. Over the last 2 months we have done over 30 dialysis procedures. The patients who under went dialysis were as follows: 1) 12 patients of acute poisoning with pulmonary edema. 2) 2 patients of acute diarrhoea and shock.  3) 12 patients of chronic renal failure. 4) 4 patients of aute renal failure secondary to complicated cerebral malaria.

Our Intensive Care Unit is also very busy with 75 -90% occupancy. it is an 8 bedded unit that is fully equipped. The most common cases are Ischeamic Heart Disease, Myocardial Infractions, CerebroVascular Accidents, Acute poisonings, snake bites, hepatic coma, diabetic coma, cerebral malaria, congestive heart failure etc. etc.

In the wards other than the above mentioned cases we also admit patients with acute diarrhoea disease, enteric fever, hepatitis, uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes, nephrotic syndrome, bronchopneumonia, to name a few. This hospital also has a Tuberculosis ward where TB patients are admitted for supervised care till they are able to take care of themselves and remain compliant as well. It's bed occupancy is 60-70% and  and we have patients who come from a 200 km radius. Considering we are located in a very rural area most of our patients often need charity especially the tribal patients.  Dr (Ms) Prafulla Parmanth is currently the head of the department and has been taking care of the department for the last 5 years now. They are helped by junior doctors who are rotating through the departments to collect experience and expertise under the watchful eyes of the senior doctors.

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For Further Inquiries: Medical Superintendent, PO - Padhar, District - Betul, Madhya Pradesh (460005), India.
Tel - (91) 7141 263227,263228, 263230, 263346. Fax - (91) 7141 263346.