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Obstetrics and Gynaecology    Dr Meenakshi Solomon has been taking care of this department for the last 18 years and has been competent in managing and updating the department. This department is known for the management of all types of complicated deliveries, obstructed labor, Placenta previa, ectopic pregnancies etc. Padhar Hospital has offered much to all such women in distress as alternative facilities are not available. Mrs. Solomon has also spearheaded the 'women's development and social upliftment project' which envisages training the local women (dais) in conducting safe and sterile deliveries. This has brought about a dramatic decrease in the maternal and infant mortality rate. She has also been trained in UK and Hong Kong. Hysterectomies, Caesarean Sections, tubal repairs, hysteroscopies are routine here. The department also aids the Radiotherapy department with Brachytherapy in patients with cancer cervix.

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For Further Inquiries: Medical Superintendent, PO - Padhar, District - Betul, Madhya Pradesh (460005), India.
Tel - (91) 7141 263227,263228, 263230, 263346. Fax - (91) 7141 263346.