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Eye Department
                 The Ophthalmology Department began with a big bang in 1973 when an Eye camp was held in Padhar Hospital  in which  Dr Vijay Ali was the visiting surgeon who subsequently operated on 375 cataract patients and the whole place was crawling with patients with eye patches. The eye Department was set up with the help of CBM who helped with the infra structure and for providing free eye care to all patients in need. Dr Rajesh David, Dr Pradeep Henry, Dr Cherian Varghese, Dr Veronica Francis, Dr Oliver Paul,  Dr Nayak, and  Dr Raman worked here for different periods time in Padhar. Dr (Mrs) Manjula Klavara has been working  here since 1994.
Mr. Albert joined in 1973 as a refractionist and  set up the optical workshop in Padhar Hospital for an isolated place such as Padhar there would be no use to give the patients a prescription because it would never materialize into spectacles for sheer lack of facilities anywhere nearby in the next 100 kms radius. Mr. Albert also set up Optical workshops in Bisamcuttack, Khurai, Diptipur, Shahdol and Ambala. We have Prem Nayan to do all our statistics alongside him.
The Eye department which was started as a EYE CAMP MODEL and  still continues to do so for the very needy people in this extremely underdeveloped part of the country. It aims to provide to curative and preventive eye services for Betul District   and other surrounding districts. We do these eye camps in collaboration with other voluntary NGOs and the National Blindness Control Program of India. Betul District has much  inaccessible terrain and the literacy rate is also very low. The main barrier to surgery is fear of surgery and inaccessible roads.
    The winter months are the busiest and every year we screen about 9000 patients and do school screening for childhood eye diseases. We are able to meet the CBM target of doing 1500 cataract surgeries  a year. We have been able to shift from doing only intracap to extracapsular cataract and Intra-Ocular Lens Implant (IOL) surgeries. We do eye camps at many government Primary health centers and mission hospitals where we are able to do 50 to 350 surgeries at a single camp with the emphasis on doing IntraOcular lens implants for majority of the patients.

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For Further Inquiries: Medical Superintendent, PO - Padhar, District - Betul, Madhya Pradesh (460005), India.
Tel - (91) 7141 263227,263228, 263230, 263346. Fax - (91) 7141 263346.